External Blinds


When it comes to choosing the right awning to suit the needs you need to be able to know what it is you’re getting? There different types of awnings from the retractable ones to the fixed ones, The difference between these is that an awning is not always used in good weather condition or whether you just want to relax in the sun or to prevent damage to the material or awning itself, the retractable one you can always close when not needed, there is also an option of automatic or a manual awning depending on your preference.

     An Awning can be used for either your business or privet home because it’s a good way to protect your customers from certain weather conditions or the family.



Canopies are a of an importance when it comes to your business due to the fact that it has more then one benefit and it always makes a sign look complete. At Lion Signs & Blinds we take pride in our canopies because we always use top quality materials.